Simaxdal Golden Retrievers have been established since 1987, breeding to high standards of irresistable bundles of GOLDEN RETRIEVERS.


All parents have been Hip x-rayed, Elbow x-rayed and PRA tested.  

Goldens are perfect family companions, un-confrontational dogs that love owner and doggie companionship.  Highly intelligent and  love training of any sort, so easy to teach.  Easy to mix with other dogs and non aggressive even male to male.


All of our Golden puppies are KUSA registered, microchipped and vaccinated once by the age of 6 weeks.  They are dewormed from 2 weeks of age, every two weeks to ensure the best absorption of mothers nutrients, and from two and a half weeks are introduced to a good quality puppy food.

Our puppies are sold with a contract and breeding restrictions.


Besides being "un-biased" and saying they are the best, most loving, intelligent, loyal, unbeatable breed around ...here are a few written facts along with some photos of Simaxdal Goldens..


The first recorded registration of a Golden Retriever in South Africa was in 1929.
A popular member of the Gundog group, the breed was developed in the last century. A Yellow Wavy Coated Retriever was mated to a Tweed Water Spaniel producing four yellow puppies which became known as the ancestors of the Golden Retriever.
An active, powerful, short-coupled dog with kindly expression and disposition.
Regular grooming is a necessity for his flat or wavy coat with dense undercoat and feathering on his legs.
Popular for his charming character, the Golden is highly intelligent, easy to train and willing to please.
He requires regular exercise and something to occupy his mind.
The Golden is widely used for guiding the blind.
Colour: any shade of gold or cream.
Height: dogs 56-61cm and bitches 51-56cm.





...our goldens are the golden delightful healthy package of fun, love & trouble that you dreamt of

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